5 pro tips that can help every runner

How to make every run a touch more enjoyable than the last

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There are lots of fancy tools that are helpful for runners. You’ve got GPS watches, carbon-plated shoes and technical gear that can all improve your run–but sometimes it’s the simplest things that help make your run a little better. Below is a list of small things that make a world of difference when it comes to training. They’re pro tips, but they don’t necessarily come from pros, just people who have run a lot and know how to make every run a touch more enjoyable than the last.

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Write a purchase date on your shoes


If you really love a particular model of shoes, chances are that you own several pairs of the same shoe.

Pro top: write the date of purchase on your shoe. It can be on the tongue or the midsole, but either way it’ll keep you from accidentally throwing on dead shoes and heading out the door for a workout. This also prevents, for example, mixing up an old left shoe with a new right shoe.

Always take off your sweaty sports bra

Right after your finish your run, remove that sports bra and have a dry sweater to throw on. This will keep runners from getting cold post-workout and generally make you feel better.

Even better, throw a fresh pair of bottoms into your bag as well, especially if you’ve got a long trip home.

Cover the clock on the treadmill

Unless you’re doing intervals, cover the clock on your running conveyor belt. A treadmill minute feels more like an hour and you don’t need a constant reminder of that. Set it and forget it.

There’s an extra eyelet on your running shoes, use it

This one is for our narrow-footed friends. There’s an extra hole on almost every pair of running shoes that goes unnoticed by most. If you find yourself slipping out of your shoes, do what’s known as the heel lock when lacing. This will solve every slippage problem you’ve ever had.

Eat after your run, even if you don’t feel like it

It’s extremely important to eat post-workout, but sometimes getting food down is difficult (especially in the heat). If you struggle with this, Krista DuChene suggests having a post workout smoothie until you feel like you’re able to have a full meal. This helps your body recover and get ready for tomorrow’s run.

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