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5 signs you need to change up your running route

It's normal to have a favourite route, but these are some signs it might be time for a change of scene

There’s something satisfying about going out for a run on a route you know better than the back of your hand; it allows you to clear your mind, breathe in the fresh air and get your run done without even having to think about how far to go. There are pros and cons of running the same route over and over, but if it’s beginning to feel too comfortable, you should consider switching it up.

Here are some definite signs you may need to change up your route.


You’re feeling unmotivated to train

Has your training gone stale? Are you unsure what to do to rekindle the flame? Look at your routes: if you are running the same distance in the same place every day, consider changing your routes.

Try running to a new neighbourhood or park you’ve never been to. You’ll find your run will go by faster when you are taking in new surroundings. 

You’ve become a local legend on Strava

“Congrats Matt! You are now a local legend on the segment XYZ. You’ve run this segment 90 times in the last 60 days.” 

If you’re a local legend anywhere, this is a message from Strava telling you to please explore someplace new. 

You have a hilly race coming up, and your route is flat

If your go-to running route is flat and you have a hilly race on the horizon, you might want to find a loop with a bit more elevation gain to prepare you for race day. It’s impossible to train for hills on the flats. 

People on the route start knowing your name

If you are getting waves/gestures from the same people you pass every day and they start knowing your name, it’s time to switch things up. Not only has your route become part of your daily routine, it’s become part of their daily routine to see you go by each morning.

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The route is now in your dreams

I’ve been here before: it’s a dark and dreary place, especially at 4 a.m., and you can’t stop thinking about how quickly you will tackle that small hill between the two- and three-kilometre mark of your run. It’s OK to have a favourite route, but this is a sign it’s time for a change.