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8 hidden Strava features for runners

Ways to up your Strava game

Strava is an app that seemingly has no end to its applications. Whether you’re a longtime user or new devotee, chances are there are still corners of the training tool that you’re discovering as you go. Below are helpful tips and tricks to getting the most out of the app, and consequently, your run.

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Segment leaderboards

Through segment leaderboards you can refine the search by gender and age. You can also search the top segment times for that day, month or year. On the left-hand side tap to filter by age and date.



Flybys show you retroactively the runners who you passed in real time during your morning jog (if they’re Strava users who publicly uploaded their run). If you think you saw someone you know, or someone you’d like to get to know (wink), you can check out their online profile.

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Street view of segments

If you’ve been eyeing a new CR and you’ve finally set out to get it, you need to know where the segment starts and ends. If you click the map, it’ll give you an option to see it in Google street view. This way you can see exactly what the start and the finish look like. On the upper right-hand side of the map you’ll see a Terrain Map option. Click the drop-down to see the start and finish.

Heat Maps


The Strava Heatmap is a great resource to use when planning new routes. The more colour on a road or path, the more frequently it’s been run. This feature is also integrated into the Strava route planner. On desktop, visit Dashboard, then My routes and click on ‘Create New Route.’ Click the gear button on the left and select ‘Global Heatmap’. This allows runners to discover new routes in their home towns or the best places to run when visiting a new city.

Join a club

Some of the biggest running brands, running stores and running clubs have their own virtual clubs. These pages include weekly leaderboards for distance run and options for meetups. Joining a Strava club is a great way to stay motivated, especially through the winter. Just click ‘Explore’ on the drop down menu and hit ‘Club Explore.’ From there, type in the city you’re looking to join in.

My gear

The ‘My Gear’ section of the app is a fantastic tool for runners. Using old and tired shoes can lead to injuries, and there’s nothing a runner hates more than not being able to run. By inputting the gear you’re wearing for your runs, the app will keep track of how many miles you’ve put on a particular pair of shoes. If you’ve got different pairs of shoes for different workouts (good for you) you can input multiple models and select by workout.

Click on your profile picture and head to the ‘Settings’ option. Once there, click ‘My Gear’ on the left-hand column. There you can input both running shoes and bikes.

Privacy Zone

You can never be too safe online, especially with your personal information. ‘Privacy Zones’ operates within a 200m to 1K radius of your home address. When you activate the setting, to other Strava users it will look like your ride began and ended at a randomized location within the circle of this zone. Under settings click on privacy controls, then privacy zones. Type in your address and select the radius of your zone.


Every month Strava will create new challenges for their uses (with themed versions during the holidays). This is a great way to set a goal for yourself and compete with (sometimes) 300,000 plus runners. The challenges tab is located at the top of the dashboard.