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8 places creative Canadians are running

Where to do a safe and local run

As social distancing rules become more prevalent, many of the country’s trails, paths, parks and tracks are closed. The closure of the most obvious running routes, combined with a running boom, has left many Canadians wondering where they can get their miles in while abiding by public health rules. Runners who need their daily run for improved emotional stability but are also looking to stay within the rules have found some creative ways to pound the pavement while keeping to themselves.

For runners who live in the country, finding quiet roads isn’t a big deal, but for city dwellers, running has become a challenge. Here are where creative Canadians are running to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.

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Going early or late


If runners want to stick to their usual routes, or just ensure that they won’t see much foot traffic (or vehicular traffic, for that matter), running really early or late is your best bet. A 5 a.m. start time comes quickly, but at least you’ll be able to run safely and be done for the day before your family wakes up.

University campuses

Universities have moved to online courses which means that most campuses are a ghost town. If you live near to college to university campus, take a spin through their empty roads and parking lots. Most campuses are large enough to make a nice two or three kilometre loop, great for a tempo workout.

Parking lots

With Canadians encouraged to stay home, lots of typically full parking lots are empty–especially industrial lots. If you live in a highly populated area, head to the nearest industrial parkway and log your miles there. Basically, the less scenic your route, the less likely you are to break your two-metre bubble.


This is a funny one, but it makes a lot of sense. Like industrial parking lots, casinos have similarly large lots which means ample space for running.


The treadmill, once a necessary evil, has become a hot commodity. If you’re a running with access to a treadmill, you’re doing well. You can do all of your training from the safety and comfort of your own home.


The backyard marathon has hit the mainstream. Lots of runners are taking to their solo runs to the backyard and getting their miles done outdoors, but still from home.

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While some Toronto cemeteries aren’t an option anymore, in other places they remain a quiet spot to run. If your local cemetery is open, then check it out for a workout.


The roads are the best bet for getting mileage in at the moment. Thankfully, traffic is minimal right now, so heading out (especially early in the morning) is a good way to get a solo run done.