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8 reasons you need a run coach

Get focused this fall with a run coach

For many runners, fall means new goals. Whether you want help staying motivated through colder weather, tired of the same run routine, or keen to tackle a new distance – here are 8 reasons to hire a run coach. 

1. Mix it up

Doing the same thing over and expecting different results is a recipe for insanity. A run coach can show you new workouts and make structured training fun and exciting again. Spicing up your training schedule can also result in fitness gains. 

2. The big picture

Sometimes training feels like you’re on a hamster wheel – running and getting nowhere. Coaches can help you see the big picture and how each day contributes to accomplishing your long term running goals.

3. Motivation

You are no longer excited about setting the alarm for your daily run and don’t even care about the new flavours of Gu gel. A run coach can provide a different perspective to a stagnant training plan and reignite running motivation.

Running Sucks


4. Keeping it fun

Life is busy and sometimes running can feel like a chore to check off the list. Having a coach can keep it fun. Coaches personalize training so it fits within our busy lives-making us feel more like a well rounded human, and less like an alien wearing compression socks and a Garmin.

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5. Venturing into the unknown

If you’ve just signed up for a race distance that is longer than any distance you’ve driven, you may want a coach to help. A run coach can break down a daunting goal into smaller daily and weekly tasks. 



6. Accountability

Even the most motivated runners can benefit from being accountable to a run coach. Accountability can help you push harder in your workouts, go the distance on your long runs, and ensure you are keeping it easy on recovery days.


7. Injury prevention

You’ve had an injury for a while, and starting to feel better. A run coach can offer advice and guidance of how to begin running again while minimizing the risk of re-injury.

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8. Overtraining

What is a rest day? You don’t need help staying motivated and getting out the door, you need someone to reel it in and prevent burnout. A run coach can ensure you implement rest days so that you get to the start line healthy and happy. 

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For your next running goals, think like a pro with a run coach.