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9 ways a running buddy is like a life partner

Because the running buddy is an essential part of training

Whether you’re working towards a marathon or considering taking up running for the first time, the running buddy is an essential part of training. Completing all of the required kilometres by yourself can be challenging and at times lonely. That is why many of us seek out a running companion to get us through our weekly mileage. When you find a running partner you click with, training time turns into fun time, and what’s better than combining your two loves?




  1. You know each other’s schedules perfectly: because you co-ordinate training with this person almost everyday, you know where they are almost all of the time. “Well John has to take his son to karate on Wednesday nights, so Wednesday is a morning run for sure.”
  2. You’ve learned how to travel well together: Lots of goal races aren’t at home. Training with someone means you likely have the same goal race and will go together. “You packed the foam roller, right?”
  3. You know when to be quiet and when to speak up: there are days when people want someone to run with, not someone to talk to. By training with someone for a long time, you understand their moods and what they need on their run that day. 
  4. You know when laundry hasn’t been done: Because they’ve worn the same shorts for the past three days and it’s obvious. 
  5. You know each other’s bathroom schedule: This doesn’t need explaining. Especially if you typically run in the morning. 
  6. You’ve met the family: Because family members usually come and cheer at running events, chances are your training partner’s Grandma Joyce and Aunt Sharon watched you run a 10K last year.
  7. You fight sometimes: Because you spend so much time together, and because people are irritable after waking up at 5 a.m to get 25K in before work.  
  8. You’re so happy for each other’s successes: Because you’ve watched all of the hard work that your partner has put into running. 
  9. You’re in it for the long haul: Because finding a running buddy that you click with is tricky. And because despite the porta-pottie stops and snot rockets, you think your training partner is great.