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Apple introduces new Fitness+ classes for pregnant women, older adults

Four months after launching its virtual exercise platform, Apple is adding its first round of updates

Photo by: Apple

Apple announced on Thursday that a number of new types of workouts have been added to the company’s Fitness+ platform, with new classes for pregnant women, older adults and beginners. The update announcement comes almost four months to the day since Apple first introduced Fitness+, making the virtual at-home exercise program even more accessible. These additions will become available on April 19. 


Workouts for pregnancy 

Knowing how and how much to work out when pregnant can be difficult, but Apple is endeavouring to make it a little bit easier with its new classes for pregnant women. This category of workout was designed with the health of pregnant women in mind, and the Fitness+ team wants to help as many women as possible throughout their pregnancies. 

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With classes in the app’s strength, core and mindful cooldown sections, Fitness+ trainer Betina Gozo leads the way. Gozo was one of the original Fitness+ trainers, so she’s well-versed in the ways of the program, and she is also currently pregnant, making her the perfect person to take fellow mothers-to-be through daily workouts. Gozo will be joined by two other trainers and new moms for the workouts. 

These workouts will each be 10 minutes in length, and they were designed to work for all women, regardless of stage of pregnancy or fitness level. Gozo and her team will provide Fitness+ users with tips for modifying each exercise to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible as they work out.

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Workouts for older adults  

At the other end of the spectrum of adulthood, Apple has added workouts specifically for older adults. These will be led by trainer Molly Fox (who, like Gozo, has also been on the Fitness+ team since it was launched). Fox, 67, knows exactly what older adults need in training, and she will work to make sure everyone, regardless of their age and mobility, can fit in a good workout whenever they please. Like the pregnancy workouts, these are each 10 minutes long, and Fox will provide modifications that users can apply to make it easier if necessary. 


Workouts for beginners  

There were already beginner classes available on Fitness+, but Apple doesn’t see that as a reason not to add more. No matter the type of workout you choose to try — whether it’s yoga, HIIT, strength or anything else — there will be beginner classes available to help you find your groove.

To try Apple Fitness+ out for yourself, purchase a subscription on the Apple website, although it should be noted that you need an Apple Watch to access the program. Subscriptions cost $12.99 per month or $99.99 for a full year, and Apple offers free trials as well. 

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