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Five reasons to love the summer running season

It's hot and humid and the cottage is calling your name, but summer running can be one of the best seasons to get active

Here we are in the dog days of summer running. It’s relentlessly hot and humid and you have a dozen things you need to do before the weekend (which is also jam-packed with events and activities). It’s easy to see why getting out to run can take a backseat during the busy summer season, and yet it’s one of the very best for running. Here’s why:

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Long days mean more daylight

With the sun up early and setting late, you now have more time than ever to make room for running. Get up early or stay up late to beat the hottest times of day and yet still enjoy ample sunshine and daylight to keep you safe as well as get your daily dose of vitamin D.

You can run less

With marathon season primarily taking place in the spring and the fall, summer is a time to run less and focus on getting a bit faster. Run as little as 5-8K or at most, 10-16, but be sure to add some speed training such as intervals, repeats, tempo or hills to build speed and strength. Do this a few times a week and before you know it, you’ll be fitter and faster in time for fall racing.

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It will make you mentally tougher

Sure, running in hot, humid conditions might not feel great at the time (especially during longer runs or workouts), but mentally you will come out on top and be better and tougher because of it. Focus on finishing all your runs feeling strong and in control, even if that means starting off slower than you usually would. Be sure to stay on top of your pre-, in-run and post-hydration and fuelling too.

Options for running routes are endless

Unlike the cooler and wetter seasons when certain roads, paths and trails are closed or poorly maintained, the summer allows for endless exploration of new routes and courses. Country roads, high school tracks and technical trails are all open and available to be explored through running. Get out there and discover somewhere new.

Toronto Beer Mile

Two words: Cold beer (or water, coke, Gatorade, etc.)

Keeping hydrated is essential afterall, so be sure to enjoy the ice-cold beverage of your choice (bonus points if it contains electrolytes) after your hottest, hardest and longest runs.