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Seven ways in which winter running is actually the best!

Why we embrace the winter running:

Running in the winter.

It’s cold. There’s snow. Maybe even ice. It’s not hard to see why runners tend to hibernate for the winter season and only emerge come spring. But winter running actually has a ton of awesome advantages and hidden benefits that fair-weather runners totally miss out on.

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You get the roads all to yourself

Winter means fewer pedestrians, cyclists and even cars on the roads, trails and tracks. That means you can enjoy your usual routes or explore entirely new ones without having to dodge texting pedestrians, stroller-pushing parents or off-leash labradoodles.

You get the biggest bang for your training buck

No more does the adage of “get more for less” apply than to winter running. You’ll burn extra energy to keep warm, boost your fitness with an elevated heart rate and you can actually run slower and still get a great workout in.

You get to show off all that cool gear and apparel you own

Hat. Mitts. Thermal undershirt. Swanky jacket. Long johns. Sleek tights. Trendy socks. Winter running shoes. Just think of all the awesome combinations you can show off to all your running friends.

You get to be comfortable

Dress appropriately and you can be both cozy and comfortable. While summer often offers temperatures so hot that you want to ditch your clothing altogether, the winter is the exact opposite and means you can layer up to suit your desired temperature.

You get to take a warm bath, drink a hot beverage and eat a hearty meal when you finish

Water is nice and all, but hot chocolate with cream liqueur, apple cider with whiskey or a glass of red wine works too. Also, warm bubble baths, savoury butternut squash soup and spicy chili. Need we say more?

You get to be bad-ass

Yes, you are definitely better than those people stuck in their cars with that dry hot heat blasting in their faces.

You experience first hand the changing of the seasons

Runners appreciate each and every of the changing seasons because we see and feel first-hand how daylight hours, the weather and the physical environment literally changes before our eyes. We get to experience the very best (and worst) that Mother Nature offers and forge a more meaningful connection to the great outdoors.