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Classic summer running fails

How many of these mistakes have you made this summer?

In mid-July, we’re well into summer. Canadians are truly blessed to have four seasons. With each, runners get a unique set of costs and benefits. For most of us, the months of June through the early September are a favourite time of year. If you’re a runner though, there’s a few classic errors that you’re bound to make with your training during this time frame. How many of these have you made already this year? 

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1. You showed your feet in public.

When the sun comes out, so do the sandals. Unfortunately your toenails are black and your callouses and blisters are at their maximum size… 

2. You forgot sunscreen before the run.

Now that sports bra tan line is there for the summer. Sure, it was a mistake but we think you should be proud of your racer back mark. 

3. Fuelling on popsicles after a hard effort.


You know you should eat properly after a run to avoid that post-run hanger. But… the popsicles caught your eye and you forgot. Classic. 

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4. You accidentally drank beer instead of water.

We all make this mistake. Hey it’s summer, you put in a hard effort and the patios are calling. We get it.

5. Your forehead is burn proof… can’t say the same about the eyes.

You protect your skin by slathering on the sunscreen only to have it flow into your eyes one kilometre into the run. How do you win? See our favourite sunscreens here

6. The cottage weekend may have taken a toll on the fall marathon training. Oops.

Been there. We all loosen up in the summer. Don’t dwell on it, just move forward and continue to focus on your training. 

7. You didn’t tape the nips before running through the thunder storm. 

We just hope you weren’t wearing a white or pale-coloured shirt. Best of luck next time. 

8. Beach time followed by long run = disaster. 

Spending a day on the beach catching some waves and just chilling couldn’t possibly cause any harm, right? Wrong. A day in the sun often brings with it dehydration, sunstroke or heat exhaustion. Best not to follow it up with a long run. 

9. You thought beach running would be a good idea. 

And now you have a knee injury and you have exfoliated the skin right off the soles of your feet. Ouch! Next time, stick with yoga or a quick strength session. 

10. Someone saw you poop in the woods. 

Nature calls, and if you’re a runner, nature’s calls are loud, clear and urgent. Since the weather’s warm, you thought you could just easily drop the shorts behind a push. Congrats on scarring that passerby. Well done.