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Colleen Quigley’s five minute core workout

Three exercises that yield big results

Colleen Quigley is an Olympian in the 3,000m steeplechase and runner for Nike’s Bowerman Track Club who’s extremely dedicated in all aspects of her training, but particularly when it comes to strength work. She created a core ladder of three exercises. Complete this whole ladder and your entire core will be burning.

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Do each exercise three, six, nine, 12, nine, six and three times. This should take no more than five minutes and complete your strength work for the day.

Pilates pumps left and right

Pilates pumps engage your hip flexors, core and back. Focus on keeping your extended leg straight and steady through the motion. Also try and keep your lower back pressed to the floor for ultimate core engagement.


Rocking planks

Rocking planks are a traditional plank with a twist. This exercises kicks the plank up a notch by rocking back and forth on your toes.


The pike is another common Pilates move that stretches the hamstrings and calves while strengthening the core (the motto of Pilates is “strengthen and lengthen”). The key with the pike is to move slowly and with lots of control through the motion–don’t let momentum do the work.

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