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Day-to-day activities that cause running injuries

The most frustrating type of running injury: the injury that didn't actually come from running

There are two types of injuries: the running injury that comes from running and the life-inflicted running injury. Any injury is upsetting, but there’s a certain frustration that comes from the injury that doesn’t have to do with running at all.

With some of the nicest weather of the year upon us, runners want to be outside doing what they love. Here are some of the most common injuries runners sustain that don’t have to do with running at all.

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The cottage injury

The cottage is a hot spot for injuries. Between the home-improvement projects, water skiing and drinking, sometimes a cottage weekend can turn into a few weeks away from running. If you’ve got a goal race coming up, stick to swimming over wakeboarding. Essentially, this category could also be subtitled: the drinking injury.

The cycling injury

If you get around by bike, chances are you’ve wiped out at least once. The greatest irony of the cycling injury is that it usually takes you away from running and lands you right back on the bike cross-training.

The bathroom injury

Bathroom injuries are much more common than people think. Between the soap, water, and tile floor, slips can happen. Keep your floors dry and remember that bath mats are your friend.

The weight room injury

Healthy weight loss.

In the weight room lots of injuries come from doing a movement wrong or lifting too heavy, but the even more common injury comes from dropping stuff. Countless runners have lost time doing what they love to dropping weights on their feet or jamming their toes. Stay aware while lifting.

The moving injury

No one likes moving, but people like moving even less if it ends up injuring them. Lift with your legs, runners.

The outdoor conditions injury

This is similar to the bathroom injury, but be careful when walking in muddy or icy conditions. You don’t want a slip ‘n’ fall to end your season.