There’s perhaps no busier travel time than over the month of December. Harried travellers from far and wide cram airport gates en route to visiting their families for the holiday season. Flight delays and lengthy layovers are par for the course when the most wonderful time of the year rolls around but these blocks of time shouldn’t go to waste. Sure, arriving at the destination is the end goal but making use of the hours spent in the terminal is a wise way to go. The good news for the stressed out runner waiting for boarding is that many airports these days offer spots to blow off steam with a mini workout before take-off. Going through any of these locations this season? 


Got a long layover in Toronto? Working up a sweat before committing to hour by the window seat is probably a good idea. Luckily, YYZ is home to a GoodLife Fitness gym. About 10,000 square feet in size, working out there is an ideal way to pass the time. Travellers can expect to fork over $15 but it’s free for anyone who already has a membership. Forgot the gear? That’s no bother. Reebok attire and shoes is on offer for a $10 rental fee.  

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The Fairmont by the Vancouver Airport has a health club along with a Fit on the Fly program for destination-bound folks. Fitness centre with weights, pool, hot tub, sauna and showers. For an extra charge, men’s and women’s Reebok workout apparel is available. For visitors who really want to bump their experience up a few notches, they can opt for a post-workout healthy snack that includes a kale and honey power smoothie, a boiled egg, roasted almonds, an energy bar, peanut butter and some fruit. 


The Flight Path located on the perimetre of the Victoria International Airport is 9.3 kilometres in length. We’re rather impressed that this airport offers runners a way to get outside and get a decently lengthy run in before their zone gets called. With plenty of time to kill before the plan takes off down the runway, travellers can sure make use of this outside-the-box perk. 


Chicago’s O’Hare airport has not only a gym for fliers but also a tranquil yoga room. If all the jet-setting for the holidays leaves you stressed, take some time to focus on those tree poses and downward dogs. The yoga room is located in terminal three and across from the airport’s urban garden. 

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Now here’s a cool concept: ROAM fitness is company that has just opened up shop in the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Here’s the idea: travellers get past security and can block off time for a workout of their choice be it yoga, core work with a medicine ball, cardio or strength. Don’t even bother fretting about the gear – ROAM offers Lululemon styles and Brooks shoes for rent. One of the really great things about this place is that is has four bathrooms that look as pristine as the facilities in a five-star hotel. 


Who knew that a stopover could be a time for a little revitalization? That’s exactly what’s on offer at Munich airport’s “fit & fly SPA.” Make a splash in the pool before settling in for a cramped journey. This area has a gorgeous pool and fitness centre as well as spa and massage services. Hey, if your long runs on your trip left the muscle sore and knotted, the airport apparently isn’t a bad spot to get them a little TLC. 


Singapore’s Changi Airport is loaded with so many attractions that a traveller passing through would almost be foolish not to book a ticket consisting of a lengthy layover. One-such facility is their gym and spa area that even offers massage and foot reflexology options. (What better way to start a holiday trip?) Open 24 hours a day, this is a great way to get in the zone before hectic travel.


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