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Eight tips for the wannabe morning runner whose a.m. struggles are too real

If you're that person who stubbornly remains curled up in your nest of sheets in the morning, these tips are for you

The task: get up in the morning and actually give a.m. running a real chance. If you’re a runner up to this challenge, join the club. Some of us are stubborn when it comes to giving up precious minutes snoozing in a cocoon of soft sheets (we’re speak for ourselves here…) and so, making the morning run a reality can be… difficult at best. Hey sloths, this one’s for you. Here are some not so run-of-the-mill tips for the wannabe early runner. 

Now’s not the time for secrets. 

Committing for a ten-day morning run streak or a 10K jaunt two mornings a week? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share with your friends, partner, room mates… anyone. When telling other people about your goals, they’ll root for you and ask you about it, thus holding you accountable. Even posting on social media can bring with it a boost of encouragement. 

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Sleep procrastination is a thing. 

Give a big, sarcastic slow clap in response to the genius who told you to just go to bed earlier if you want to be alert to greet the rising sun. Here’s a better idea: recognize that sleep procrastination (i.e. putting off bed time for no solid reason) is a real phenomenon. Make a point to recognize if and when you’re doing it. Perhaps your tendency is to mindlessly scroll through social media before bed. Maybe you’re tired but still fall into the trap of pressing play to that next episode of your favourite Netflix series. Notice the little things that took up precious night hours in order to learn how to make necessary changes.  

Do yourself a favour and plan the night before. 

Leaving out clothes or pouring yourself a glass of water or juice to have at the bed side table might seem like small effort at night. Guess what? They pay when you wake up groggy and disoriented. 

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Cut down the beauty routine. 

Your pace isn’t the only thing you should be working to quicken. We’re not suggesting you show up to the office or class looking like a red-faced drowned rat (unless that’s your thing, in which case, cool), but if there’s a way to simplify your morning routine, do so. Saving a few minutes here and there will make your morning run smoothly. 

Put foods you actually like in the fridge. 

If steel cut oats aren’t your fave, stock up on what you actually like. If your eating is also in need of an overhaul, tackle that later on. Take one thing at a time to make this morning lifestyle change easier on yourself. Making it hard is only going to result in getting discouraged and giving up. Bonus points if your go-to breakfast involves little preparation. We’re aiming to simplify here. 

Rookie mistake: allowing the coffee to run out. 

Guys, come on. What are you? New? This is just self-sabotage. 

Less is more… at the start. 

It’s not realistic to expect you to completely revamp your morning routine while also fitting in, say, a 13K run. To start, settle for the 5K route. If the pace felt easy, so be it. Oh and if you miss one, don’t get discouraged and give up. Neither success nor failure are determined in one single day. Think about it: if you had an expensive weekend, would you scrap your entire savings plan? No. Keep at it! Baby steps, people. 

Make friends with a dog or early bird. 

If all else fails, get a buddy. If you need to rely on a furry-pawed training partner, there’s no shame in that. Dogs make some of the best running partners in that they’re always ready and willing to go… even at 6:45 a.m. Not a dog person? An early bird partner is your second best bet.