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How to keep yourself motivated in January

Set up short and long term goals to keep yourself accountable during the coldest month of the year

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January brings new goals and resolutions, but it is one of the hardest months to physically get outside for a run. Although some runners prefer the extreme cold to the extreme heat, your motivation to get out the door may have taken a hit this winter. According to previous research, 64 per cent of all new year’s goals and resolutions are abandoned within the first month, with many falling back into their old habits. Here are some tips to keep you on your feet in January.

Winterlude Triathlon

Set yourself up for success

Don’t put pressure on yourself for missing a run but instead create a plan of success to keep yourself accountable to tackle your goals. Celebrate your progress day-by-day and edit your goals based on the progress you are making. Breaking the month into manageable weekly or daily goals can help you from being overwhelmed.

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Build your foundations

We are all starting our running year with different fitness and motivation levels. Many are just starting to run, whereas others are looking forward to building on last year’s performances. Wherever your starting point is, you should remember that the first three weeks of the year are key in building the foundations for the running year ahead.

Challenge yourself virtually

Keep yourself accountable by registering for virtual challenges. This is a fun way to keep yourself dialled in to your goal and eager to train, and if that goal comes in the form of a virtual event. You can also set a goal for an in-person race later in the year, therefore you are motivated to build your training.

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Do what you can

Even if you don’t feel like you can run on a given day, you can still go out and do a walk-run workout. Walk one minute, run the next and repeat. Getting out for anything is better than not getting out at all. 

Group of joggers running down the street

Find a running partner

Another way to keep yourself accountable during one of the coldest months of the year is to run with other people. Find a partner running with similar goals to yourself. This can help create a competitive edge and motivation for those needing some to get out the door.

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Don’t hold off until February

The fear of failure is what holds many of us back from our goals rather than the inability to do it. It is very easy to put off challenges and it is tempting to postpone or push it back another month. Take your goals day by day and try to learn on every step of your journey.