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Indoor workout inspiration from Canada’s Olympic hopefuls

How some of Canada's best runners are staying fit during self-quarantine

With workout facilities closing and Canadians being asked to socially distance, most runners are working out at home. While lots of spring races have been cancelled, the Canadian Olympic Trials and Olympics are expected to continue as planned. With that in mind, Olympic hopefuls are doing their best to continue training. Here’s how they’re getting it done, and how you can too.

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Box jumps with Annie Leblanc

Want to maintain your speed and power? Leblanc suggests box jumping up your stairs. Another great exercise to do on the stairs are jumping lunges. To do this exercise you need to assume a lunge position, jump up and switch your back and front legs while in the air. Do this on stairs to make it even more difficult.

Pro tip: wear shoes, you don’t want a slip and fall accident.

Jess O’Connell bought an Elliptical

O’Connell is an Olympian in the 5,000m who bought an Elliptical machine from Kijiji this week, heavily discounted, so that she can workout at home in the coming weeks.

O’Connell has a coaching business, along with an online cross-training guide for runners. If you’re lucky enough to have an Elliptical or stationary bike at home, check out her website for cross-training tips, tricks and workouts.

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Suitcase deadlifts – Devan Wiebe and Micha Powell

If you don’t have any heavy weights at home, two Canadian athletes threw some heavy stuff into suitcases and starting lifting. This is a great way to do exercises like squats or deadlifts.