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Injury took you off the road, what now!?

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So you got yourself a really nasty injury. While some injuries just need a little downtime and extra care, this one is major. You can’t run. No road. No trail. You can’t even swing a light jog here and there. You are sentenced to months of recuperating and you can’t stand to think about the layer of dust that may accumulate on your running shoes. Do you remember what life was like before running? No? If you’re in a panic trying to figure out what to do with the excessive spare time, we can help. Here’s what you can do with your time now:

1. Get acquainted with your family

You know those people that you pass in the hallways of your home? Now that you’re not darting out the door, you could invite them to sit at the kitchen table, have a coffee, and catch up.

2. Write a novel/ memoir/ script

A little rest and recovery gets the creative juices flowing. If you’re that person who has always MEANT to get into writing but could never quite find the time, you can finally say that this injury has a use. If your first idea is to write a memoir about that time you broke your leg and had to stop running, you are going to have to dig a little deeper. Probably no one is going to read that. Sad as it is.

3. Binge watch movies not related to running

Time to get into that other type of marathon — the movie marathon. There will be less PBs and probably less sweating, but the movie marathon is a great way to spend your time off. You know that moment when you miss a fairly obvious pop culture reference? Your friends ask if you’ve been living under a rock but really, you’ve just had a busy workout schedule. Settle into a night of good movies or TV and you’ll finally know that they’re talking about.

4. Get rid of clutter


You’re going to be surprised by what you find here. Be honest, you’ve been using running as means of procrastination on this one haven’t you? (We all do it) Now that you can no longer skip the clutter piles in the name of keeping on top of your fitness, it’s time to face them. Let’s be real, this probably also means going through decades of race swag too.

5. Go on a date with your spouse

You know that relationship you’re in? Hey, it’s not that you didn’t go on dates before, it’s just that now dates won’t consist of your husband/ wife waiting for you to get in from a run. Nor will they have to take the car out to the middle of nowhere before heading to dinner to find the spot where you wandered off course.

6. Hang out with your non-running friends

This will kind of be a little bit like when you spend time with those who speak your second language. It takes a little while to get the rust off. Once you relax with the running lingo and learn to talk about things other than routes and races, these friend dates will be quite enjoyable.

7. Read a thing

Read anything. You pick. It can be a novel or that stack of magazines you’ve been neglecting. * cough cough* Now instead of those zen morning runs, you can get some quite relaxing reading time in before the sun comes up. You’ll be so well read by the time you’ve recuperated.

8. Paint your toenails

Because in the coming weeks, you might actually let another human see your feet. Plus, the nail polish will stay on for an actual appropriate amount of time. Men, you’re not excluded in this. While you may want to forgo the polish, you can still give your feet extra attention.

9. Go for a massage

Go for a massage just because you want to, not because your have sore muscles and knots that need to be rectified by the deep tissue massage.

10. Buy an outfit that you would never wear after a workout

You live in your running clothes or those comfy pants and hoodie that you can quickly slip on when you get in. In your off time, buy a nice pair of jeans or dress shirts. They often don’t suit your lifestyle but it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

11. Sunday brunch is a thing you can now experience

While you’re out running, others are “brunching”. It’s true. So instead of 30K, you technically could go to a restaurant in the morning and order bacon and scrambled eggs. It’s “the other” Sunday morning tradition.