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Living room strength workout for runners

For this highly effective home workout, all you need is two 15- to 25-pound dumbbells

Whether you prefer running on the trails, track or road, strength training is an important part of every runner’s weekly routine. You don’t need a gym to get your strength training in (and right now you couldn’t go to one even if you wanted to). Instead, get your workout done at home. The below video features Jon-Erik Kawamoto, a strength and conditioning specialist from Newfoundland, who will take you through an at-home strength routine that you can complete in your living room. In addition to the video, this routine is featured in the latest edition of Canadian Running, which is available for free online.


Kawamoto owns his own gymJKConditioningin St. John’s, N.L., and he’s a runner himself, so he knows exactly how runners need to train to get the best out of themselves.

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“A stronger runner is a faster and less injury-prone runner,” Kawamoto says. You want to be as fast as possible, and avoiding injuries is a priority for every runner, so it only makes sense to add a strength routine to your weekly training schedule if you haven’t already. Give these exercises a try, and check out some of Kawamoto’s other at-home workouts for some more variety.