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Coach’s take on training goes viral on Twitter

His overall training philosophy summed up in a single tweet on social media

Mario Fraioli


Training encompasses all aspects of a runner’s life, according to Mario Fraioli.

The coach and author of the Morning Shakeout, a popular email newsletter within the running community, shared his philosophy in a tweet that has gone semi-viral on social media. The Jan. 31 tweet has been shared more than 850 times with more than 2,150 likes.

“Training is more than long runs, track workouts, strength sessions, and weekly mileage,” he says in the twee. “It’s what you eat and how you rest. It’s how you treat yourself and those around you. It’s the attitude you hold. It’s the company you keep. In other words, training is how you live your life.”

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In the replies to his tweet, it appears runners are universally in favour of Fraioli’s thinking that emphasizes not only running itself, but the time spent between runs as well as one’s overall attitude.