Training encompasses all aspects of a runner’s life, according to Mario Fraioli.

The coach and author of the Morning Shakeout, a popular email newsletter within the running community, shared his philosophy in a tweet that has gone semi-viral on social media. The Jan. 31 tweet has been shared more than 850 times with more than 2,150 likes.

“Training is more than long runs, track workouts, strength sessions, and weekly mileage,” he says in the twee. “It’s what you eat and how you rest. It’s how you treat yourself and those around you. It’s the attitude you hold. It’s the company you keep. In other words, training is how you live your life.”

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Moments before the start of yesterday’s Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco, as captured by the talented @justinbritton. It ended up being a mixed bag for me, if I’m being honest. The highlights—riding aboard the @thatsfinetrackclub train for 8 miles or so, watching a number of my own athletes run personal bests, and catching up with friends after the race—were memorable. The one low—ejecting myself from the aforementioned human locomotive in a moment of doubt just before Mile 9—was regrettable. Could I have regained some confidence had I hung in until the turnaround with 5K to go? Would I have only lost 5 seconds a mile instead of 15? Perhaps I could have cracked the top-20? Truth is, I’ll never know the answers to these questions and contemplating them for even another second won’t do me an ounce of good. But I can learn from the experience, put those lessons into practice moving forward, and cross the next finish line without regret. _ #runningculture #allin2018 #kaiserhalf

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In the replies to his tweet, it appears runners are universally in favour of Fraioli’s thinking that emphasizes not only running itself, but the time spent between runs as well as one’s overall attitude.

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