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Next-level bodyweight exercises to master this winter

Strength training inspiration for days when it's too gross to run outside

If the weather in your neck of the woods is frightful and you’re looking for indoor exercises, we’ve got some inspiration coming your way. Runners love to run, but adding a strength program to your weekly schedule is a great idea. The exercises below are pretty advanced, so if you’re new to gym work, start with something a little easier like these bodyweight exercises.

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However, if you’re a gym veteran, check out the videos below to take your strength work to the next level. These exercises aren’t about lifting heavy, they’re all about stability and control, so take them slowly and focus.

Stefanie Reid – Paralympian

Reid shows her Twitter followers the hardest way to do a leg extension: on a ball.

Emma Coburn and Aisha Praught-Leer – steeplechase Olympians

This foot strength exercise is very difficult. If you can do this, you’ve got very impressive balance (and strong stabilizers).


Emily Infeld – 5,000m World Championship medalist

This exercise has a lot of steps that individually aren’t so hard, but put together are extremely difficult. This exercise is a full body workout that targets areas where runners tend to be weak.


Natasha Wodak – Canadian 10,000m and half-marathon record holder

Similar to Infeld, Wodak’s core routine isn’t hard as individual exercises, but when you put it all together it’s a doozy. Remember to do this as one set, no breaks.




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