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Partnered strength exercises to do with your isolation buddy

In case you're not spending enough time together already

Canadian municipal and provincial governments are beginning to close local parks and recreation fields to the public to encourage social distancing. With less access to trails, tracks and open spaces, workouts are getting moved indoors or to the backyard. If you’ve taken your daily exercise inside, here are some isolation strength routines to master with your quarantine partner in crime, courtesy of some of the best in the business.

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Partnered band exercises

Banded exercises are a great way to add resistance to a workout without adding weight. Emma Coburn’s routine includes five exercises that are good for stability and mobility, two of the key factors in reducing injury.

Her partnered circuit includes lunges, walking cross-overs, Copenhagens, pallof presses and nordic hamstring extensions for a full body workout.

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Partnered push ups

Jaimie Phelan is an NCAA champion in the 1,500m and a University of Michigan graduate. The Kitchener, Ont. native is getting her strength workouts done in her living room, with her husband. Push ups are great for overall strength and require no equipment. Partnered push ups are really hard (see Phelan’s second video) but their first exercise is even harder–bonus points if you’re able to do both.

Partnered plank

This is the most difficult of the partnered exercises–if you and your isolation buddy can accomplish this, you’ve hit a very professional level. Emily Infeld is a World Championship bronze medallist in the 10,000m and this plank sequence is almost as impressive as that podium performance in 2015.

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