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Photos: The world’s seven most bizarre tracks

From an 84-metre track to an oval on a rooftop in Toronto, here are some of the more bizarre tracks around the world.

Bizarre Tracks

Bizarre Track & Overgaard Arkitekter
We’ve all seen the traditional 400-metre rubber or cinder tracks, either in our own neighbourhoods or within a stadium, but sometimes designers steer away from tradition.

Here are seven (plus an honourable mention) bizarre tracks, different for their shape, size, or location.

Keinicke & Overgaard Arkitekter — Odense, Denmark

Keinicke & Overgaard Arkitekter
This Danish track facility got our attention back in December for featuring a beach, hills, bridges, and a gravel trail in the infield. Basically, a runner’s paradise.


3-D Athletics Track — Elda, Spain

Photo: Fast Company.

Need to get a mid-run strength session in? This Spanish track facility has a hill built right into the track. It’s fortunate that the region doesn’t get snow or it might be used as a tobogganing hill.

Saint Mary’s College High School — Berkeley, Calif.

Accommodating football and baseball fields within the same infield is sure to result in a wacky-shaped track as it did in this case.

Alamo Heights Junior High School Track – San Antonio

Another three-sided track facility, this Texas track makes it appear like you need a several hundred metre run up to the long jump or triple jump pit (located in the bottom left corner of the above photo).

Kalgin Koch Mini-Track — Anchorage, Alaska

This 84-metre, three-lane bizarre track is shorter than a short track speed skating oval except running the tight turns is a bit tougher than gliding around them. Canadian Running also wrote about this track back in 2011.

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Panathenaic Stadium — Athens, Greece

Panathenaic Stadium. Photo: Badseed via Wikimedia Commons.

This track features straightaways that are 204.07 metres long with turns of just 33.35 metres. Goodbye ankles.

Narita International Airport’s Terminal 3 — Tokyo

Photo: Fast Company.

Ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo’s predominant international airport now features track flooring, the best way to greet tourists (and locals returning).

Honourable mention — 100 Richmond St. W in Toronto

There is a 160-metre track located on the roof of the 12-storey Sheraton Centre at 100 Richmond St. W in Toronto but the facility is part of a men’s-only gym restricting its use.

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