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Post-run rituals to add to your routine


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Being a runner means more than just putting on a pair of shoes, heading out the door and running for a set period of time. What you do in your spare time, what you eat, and how you take care of yourself after the run or workout are all parts that affect your running. Your post-run routine matters. We rounded up a few things to include in the routine after coming in the door.

1. Shower ASAP. Being a dedicated runner means you get the body that comes with it. Hey that’s one of the many perks to being a runner! The problem though can be that all this running and exercise leads to a lot of sweating and that can lead to clogged pores. Get in the habit of showering the second you get in the door and take your shoes off no matter how tired or hungry you are.

2. Grab the yoga mat, do some strength. When we neglect the strength work that we know we’re supposed to do, the injuries come rolling in. Stretch out those muscles, work those calves, strengthen the core that you rely on and throw in a few yoga moves if you’re feeling a little tight or have a trouble spot. Trust us, it’s better you do it now. Getting injured and not having running to rely on is not cool.

3. Get a beer or coffee with a running friend. Running is a fairly social sport. Sure, going for a beer or coffee isn’t going to do anything to make you better (or worse) but spending time with other runners increases your enjoyment of the sport and involvement in the community. We are lucky to have such an inclusive and fun culture, you might as well get the full experience.

4. Eat and drink something. When you run, you sweat and you need to make sure you re-hydrate when you come back in. Similarly, you just burned a lot of calories. Don’t let the energy stores dip. Feed your body some nutritious food and give yourself something with protein to keep those muscles healthy.

5. Air out the shoes. Seriously, this takes just a minute. Whatever you do, don’t throw the shoes into the pile of smelly sneakers. Take a second to loosen the laces, pull the tongues back and pull out the insoles to let them breathe. If it was a wet or particularly sweaty run, slip in a couple dryer sheets. Those who live with you or visit your home will appreciate this.