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Pre-run glute activation with Sage Watson

Watson's pre-run routine for mobility and injury prevention

Sage Watson is a 2016 Olympian, NCAA champion and Canadian record-holder in the 400mH who loves sharing training tips on Instagram. Her latest tip is a quick pre-workout activation session to get runners’ glutes going. These four exercises will only add three minutes to your routine and can make a world of difference long-term when it comes to injury-prevention and form. 

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A few bands are a small investment, but one that all runners should make. A package will cost you about $10 and it is certainly worth the money. They’re the only equipment needed to do these exercises, but you can start without the bands if you don’t have one. Run through these drills once, and do about 20 reps of each. 

Side band walks

Side band walks should be felt in your hips and glutes. Step a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Move 10 steps one direction and 10 steps back. 

Monster walks

Monster walks open the hips, making it a great pre-run exercise. Take diagonal steps forward and away from you, with your knees bent at about 45 degrees. Remember to keep your back and shoulders upright (don’t slouch). 

Clam shells

Clam shells are one of the simplest and most difficult exercises to do. Again, keep your back straight and hips level on top of one another – only your legs should be moving. Lift your top leg to about 45 degrees before lowering slowly. This exercise is all about control. 

Body bridges

With body bridges, the key is to get your body level. Start with your legs bent and extend your hips as far as they’ll go. Once this becomes easy, try doing it one-legged. 

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