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Quick Strength: Five ways to get strong in under one minute

Your strength work is important. Glide effortlessly during your next race with these five moves

From your core to your quads to that tight upper back, there’s no shortage on muscle groups that runners are always seeking to improve. If you’re not slotting in those strength workouts, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re an avid runner, you know by now that you must do more than simply run.

Finessing those supporting muscles that work to improve your form takes time and if your expertise lies strictly in running circles around a track or heading out for a Sunday long run, strength exercises can be… a mystery. This season, we make it simple with quick videos on toning moves. Glide effortlessly through your next race after regularly doing these five moves. Each takes less than a minute– your reps are up to you!

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Half Kneeling Halos are a great way to engage the core and get runners to focus on their posture. If you’re someone who slouches while running, including this movement into your weekly training is a great way to address the issue. 

Step Ups exaggerate the movements that your legs make while running. By following along to the below video, runners are making sure to include that full leg extension in the hips. 

Single Arm Weighted Lunges work out the arms as well as the core and legs. Don’t rush through this one, take it slowly to get the full benefits. 

A Plank With Shoulder Drops is an updated version of a classic core exercise that works the often-neglected upper back. Spend a lot of time hunched over a screen at the office? You basically need this exercise. 

These three core exercises provide an update to your basic ab classics. As Moran points out, holding that plank position for as long as possible is no longer the best way to get that strong runner’s six pack. 


Quick strength: Single-leg hip hinge with row

Quick strength: Lateral band walk 

Quick strength: Lunges for perfect running