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Try these race week workouts to get your best result

Test set workouts

With race day just around the corner and all your hard earned training and fitness on the line, what and when you do your last hard workout can help optimize your performance for the best possible result.

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Race week should be a balance between getting enough rest and being fully recovered from your training, but also feeling fresh, sharp and ready to perform. Race week workouts should be short, simple and easy to do. They are meant to keep you comfortable and confident. If you’re in good shape, you’ll likely need to hold back. Running farther and faster will be tempting but it’s important not to overdo it.

Here are a few example workouts to complete the week of your goal race to help improve your performance and prevent you from feeling flat. Aim to perform the workout three or four days before the race. Be sure to warm up and cool down.


Training for a 5K?

Hills: Using a hill of medium grade,  run 10 x 60 second uphill repeats at a hard but comfortable pace. Run slowly or walk down the hill between intervals.

200’s: On a track or flat section of road, run 10-15 x 200m repeats at goal 5K race pace with 400m of recovery in between.

Training for a 10K?

400’s: Run 5 x 400m repeats at goal 10K race pace. Take a full lap rest between.

Hills: Run two sets of 3 x 90-second hills at a hard but comfortable pace with a five-minute easy jog between sets.

Training for a half?

Kilometre repeats: Find a flat section of road and run 4 x 1K repeats at goal half-marathon pace. Take a kilometre rest in between.

Tempo run: After a warm-up, perform a 15-minute tempo run at goal half-marathon pace. Cool down afterwards. The race pace effort should feel easy and controlled.

Training for a marathon?

Tempo run: After warming up, perform a 15-minute tempo run at goal marathon pace followed by a cool down afterwards. The total run should last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Mile repeats: On a track or road, run 3 x mile at goal marathon pace with 800m rest in between.