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Resistance band exercises for an incredible at-home workout

Resistance training for runners who don't have access to weights or a gym

Most Canadians are dealing with limited gym access and looking to start an at-home strength training routine. If you’re someone who’s used to pumping some iron, but no longer have access to a gym, here are a few (very difficult) exercises that pro runners use to stay fit and strong. If you can master all of these, you might realize you can ditch the gym membership altogether.

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Copenhagens – Emma Coburn

You can do this exercise with or without the resistance band. When you’re starting out, stick to bodyweight and focus on form before adding the two additional components (a hand weight and band).


Glute work – Aisha Praught

This exercise is great to get the glutes firing, even without the band. Focus here on form and recruiting the proper muscles (glutes, hip flexors) before adding the band.


Running As – Colleen Quigley

Grab a buddy and practice your form and speed in your own backyard. Put a band around your waist and ask your partner to hold you back. The idea here is to run forward while keeping your form. Think about knee drive, glute activation and strong arms.


Bonus exercise – lunges with gliding discs

Jessica O’Connell is an Olympian and coach who loves using gliding discs in her strength workouts.


“Using discs during strength training eliminates friction which can reduce stability and make exercises more challenging. I use discs for certain core and hip stability exercises such as mountain climbers and leg extensions. It’s important to continually challenge your body in different ways during strength training to continue to become stronger, and doing exercises with discs offers a different stimulus from traditional grounded exercises.”

But fun fact: you can easily sub a gliding disc for a hand towel and get the same effect.