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Runners: Do you shave your legs?

Six factors in the shave or no-shave debate

Shaved Legs Runner

Shaved Legs Running

Though more common in competitive swimming and cycling, shaved legs among runners has become increasingly popular. It’s a decision that comes down to personal preference but there are a few lesser-known factors that may come into play and could change your view on shaved legs.

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There’s also the question of whether one should use a trimmer to cut down on leg hair versus taking a razor and shaving the hair completely. If your using a razor, it’s recommended that you keep the blade parallel to the ground, use shaving cream and move upwards. Aftershave also helps.

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On the flip side, the argument against shaving their legs can range from the routine being time consuming to “it feels weird” to getting razor cuts or burns.

Here are six reasons that may influence your decision:

1. Applying sunscreen is easy and consistent.
2. If you’re big into trail running (or do a lot of yard work), there’s no hair for ticks to latch onto.
3. Peeling off ankle tape or medical tape is not as painful.
4. Massages can be less painful.
5. Taking a tumble on roads or trails won’t be as bad in terms of treating the wounds.
6. Compression shorts, socks and sleeves slip on and off smoother without leg hair.

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The decision really comes down to personal preference as most of the reasons for or against shaved legs relates to how it feels or what you’re used to.

What do you think? Share your vote below.

Do you shave your legs?


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