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Running as a masters athlete episode 3: Out on the cross-country course

Curious about the masters running community? Our video captures exactly what makes these races so incredible

There’s a certain magic to racing as a masters athlete. Perhaps part of this is that the masters running community is full of such a broad spectrum of characters from those who have been involved in the sport since the early running boom to those who got involved later in adulthood.

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A warm and welcoming hub for runners makes the scene that much more enticing and cross-country has to be the biggest reward for those who stay true to their training. Running is just one of those things that get better with age. As runner Walter Faion puts it: “It doesn’t get easier, it gets more fun. Because the thing is, it’s about getting it done. It’s not about time. Cross-country was never about time.”  


Masters running is thriving right now – that point’s not up for arguing. Ontario Masters President Doug Smith can speak to the participation. He says that right now, the numbers are the highest they’ve ever been in the organization’s 45-year history. 

Curious about what all the hype is about? The above video shot at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto captures the excitement of race day.

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