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Should more runners use this virtual training app?

Are you bored of the treadmill? Try this solution to increase the pace of your treadmill experience

Are you looking for a way to improve treadmill running? What if there was a treadmill running video game, where you can see the live output of your running statistics in a virtual world. We have your solution: Zwift is a free app to download on your iPhone, iPad or computer for runners and cyclists to transform their indoor training into a fun virtual experience. According to 2020 statistics released from Zwift, one million cyclists have used the app, where only 100,000 users have went for a run on the platform.

What makes Zwift unique to treadmill running is the online workouts and routes it offers you based on the time/distance you want to run. It also has programs and organized run clubs to help you reach your fitness goals and run virtually with friends. Runners can choose to explore virtual Paris, London and New York while running with a global community. The Zwift display screen will show the same statistics as the treadmill screen, such as heart rate, speed, distance and time.

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Photo: Kevin Hatt.

All you need to connect with Zwift is a Bluetooth ANT+ foot-pod that straps onto your shoe. Zwift sells the pod online for $39.99, which can easily pair with the app, but you can also use any other Bluetooth ANT+ foot-pod to measure your cadence, which inputs your speed into the app. The app can be downloaded onto your computer or any IOS or Google device. Besides the foot-pod, the users can make the experience as immersive as they want by connecting more Bluetooth devices (i.e., watch, heart rate and treadmill) to generate accurate training data.

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If you are lacking training motivation this winter, try using Zwift to keep you engaged. We can guarantee it will help that treadmill time pass by quicker.