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See the world’s most popular running spots on Strava’s heat map

More than 27 billion kilometres of data goes in to making Strava's heat map showing worldwide activity

Strava Heat Map

Strava, the website and mobile application used to track physical activity, launched a heat map recently showing the most popular spots in the world to run.

With the help of user-uploaded GPS data, Strava created what they call the “ultimate map of athlete playgrounds.” According to Strava Labs, more than one billion activities comprise the heat map including 13 trillion data points. Data can be sorted by activity, which includes running.

“It includes over 27 billion kilometers of data, overlapping to show the most frequented spots for sport on the globe,” according to Strava. “This incredible visualization was created with 200 thousand years of movement including thousands of marathons and countless coffee rides. What looks like a multihued map of the Earth is actually the white hot visualization of over 1 billion activities on Strava.”

Heat map

You can see the heat map on Strava’s website here.