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The case for the lunch run

The lunch run is the perfect way to break up your day when working form home

Many Canadians are now working from home and getting used to their new normal. If you’re a runner who has found yourself struggling with productivity in your new work space–meet the lunch run. The lunch run is a quick jog that’s partially about getting some mileage in, but also a great way to boost afternoon productivity. Here are just a couple reasons why you should consider the lunch run (beyond taking a much-needed break from your home).

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A short run is better than no run

A lunch run can be whatever length of time a runner wants, but don’t think that 20 minutes of mileage is a waste of time. Any run feels better than no run.

Have a good lunch or snack to look forward to

For extra motivation to get on the roads, having a good lunch or snack to return to. Also, maintaining your typical schedule is good during this time, and that includes eating lunch when you usually would.

Don’t listen to music or podcast

Allowing your brain to drift during a run is one of the nicest experiences. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for work, or feeling a little anxious, a run without distractions can clear your mind.

Keep the route familiar

A lunch run is not the time to experiment with a cool new trail or an area you’ve never been to before. This run is all about efficiency, so leave the exploring for your weekend miles.

You have access to a shower

Maybe you didn’t lunch run at the office because you didn’t have access to a shower. The good news about working from home is that you do, so you no longer have to choose between getting a run done and feeling sticky through the afternoon.

“Run commute”

If you’re someone who was used to run commuting, but now your commute has been eliminated, Canadian marathoner Cal Neff is still running to the office, he just starts and finishes in the same place. Bonus points if you also commute home at the end of the day.

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