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The Netflix show that corresponds with your workout

For indoor days, we have the perfect show to correspond to your workout

The weather didn’t cooperate for your workout today, so you moved it inside. No problem – throw something on Netflix and get into it. But what to choose? Here’s a TV guide that will take the stress of choosing a show away. Below we’ve outlined what kind of shows will best accompany your workout. Consider us your treadmill running tastemaker. 

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If you’re doing a long run


If you’ve got to run 15 plus kilometres on the treadmill, you want something extremely binge-able and reliably good. Consider a show you can easily get into and watch for a couple hours. 

Recommendations: Friends, The Office, New Girl 

If you’re doing speed work or hard intervals 


You’re probably going to be pretty focused during this workout, so if you want any TV, it’s likely background noise. You want a show that you know so well, you can drift in and out of it and know exactly what’s going on. 

Recommendations: Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Law & Order Special Victims Unit

If you’ve got an easy day


Watch something that you’ve never seen before. It’s an easy day so you’ll probably be able to focus during your workout. You shouldn’t be so tired that everything around you becomes background noise. Take in a new plot line and learn about new characters. 

Recommendations: Orange is the New Black, Ozark, House of Cards

If you’re cross-training 


Cross-training could almost be considered the most tedious aspect of being a runner. Whether cross-training is preventative or the result of sustaining an injury, it’s the worst. A cross-training minute feels like an eternity, so you’ll want to put on something particularly engaging. For a cross-training workout we suggest an exciting drama that will hold your attention and make you forget about the passing minutes. 

Recommendations: Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, The Crown