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The perfect track workouts for newer runners

These sessions will also work for experienced athletes with some easy adaptations

If you’re new to running, the track may seem daunting. Even if you’ve been running on roads or trails for some time, running on a track can be intimidating. But the track can be a useful tool, whether you’re a new runners or a seasoned athlete, and whether you’re a sprinter or a distance runner. Here are a few simple workouts to try during your first track sessions. Once you gain some experience, add repetitions to your workouts to make them more challenging. 

Hard/easy 400m intervals

Warm up with a 10-15 minute easy run 

Run one lap (400m) at a hard, but controlled effort, around 3K pace–you’ll be moving quickly enough that talking would be uncomfortable, but you’re definitely not in a full-on sprint

Take 400m to recover, either by running or walking at an easy pace

Repeat 4-6 times

Cool down with a 10-minute easy run

Ladder workout 

A ladder workout is an interval session that increases in distance with each “rung” and then decreases, as if you are climbing up and down a ladder. As you progress in fitness and confidence at the track, add more rungs to your ladder. 

Warm up with a 10 minute easy run

Run 400m hard (3K pace), 400m easy

Run 800m hard, 400m easy

Run 1,200m hard, 400m easy

Run 800m hard, 400m easy

Run 400m hard, 400m easy

Cool down with a 10-minute easy run

100-metre sprint workout

For this workout, you’ll sprint on the straight parts of the track, and do an easy run or walk on the curves to recover.

Warm up with a 10-minute easy run 

Run 100m sprint, 100m easy

Repeat 8 times, or 1,600m 

Cool down with a 10-minute easy run

Make sure to take an easy or recovery day after a track workout, and to rehydrate. 









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