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The trail runner’s at-home strength workout

Adding strength training to your schedule once or twice a week can take your trail running to the next level

Strength training is key for trail runners, especially those who are just getting started. Technical ascents, descents and rocky terrain make for a very fun but challenging run. If you’re looking for ways to get stronger for the upcoming trail season, here’s a complete workout for that’ll have your body ready to handle all of the elevation gain that you can throw at it.

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Jon-Erik Kawamoto is a strength and conditioning specialist and runner, and he owns his own gymJKConditioningin St. John’s, N.L., so he knows firsthand how runners should be training when they aren’t at the track, hitting the road or on the trails. Strength training will not only help you improve as a runner, but it will also help with injury prevention. He says the goal of this particular workout is to practice stability and balance, a key to strong trail running.

Kawamoto is featured in the latest edition of Canadian Running.

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