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Thoughts every runner has mid-marathon

If you want to experience the full spectrum of human emotions, run a marathon. Here are ten thoughts that every runner has while running a marathon.

1) “This isn’t too bad!”

Ahh, the innocence of the first few kilometres.

water station2) “Don’t miss the cup. Don’t miss the cup.”

The mantra when approaching the first water station. And all subsequent water stations. The likelihood of actually missing the cup seems to increase the more desperate you are for the water inside it…

3) “Just pass that person.”

Focusing on one person at a time is the only manageable way to deal with the fact that you’re racing a few thousand people.

4) “Why did I do this?”Marathon runner in Barcelona, Spain (2012)

Inevitably, this question comes up at some point in the race. For the sake of your will to continue, we really hope it doesn’t come up until the final 10 – 15K.

5) “What am I going to eat after this?”

Every runner has their post-marathon celebratory treat. For some it’s a decadent dessert, for others it may be a few brews and then there’s the rare cohort that donutsis truly excited for that untoasted, unbuttered bagel at the finish.

6) “Oh god. This is horrible.”

With around 8K to go, most runners are at this stage. This thought is usually alternating with #4.

7) “Almost there.”

When there’s 5K to go, you can truly tell yourself that you’re almost there. This point is much different than that moment when spectators yell “almost there!” at the halfway point…

8) “Is it possible that the finish line is moving away from me?”Johnny Miles Close Finish

With 2K to go, the finish line sometimes seems to be refusing to approach.

9) “Oh look, he’s proposing!”

During the final 100m, when you’re putting in your last efforts of the race, you will inevitably observe a proposal. Take in the fact that you’re running through a moment that will go down as one of the most important of two other people’s lives.

10) “When am I doing this again?”

Once you’ve got your banana, you’ve changed out of your sweat-soaked shorts, had time to rest and you’re basking in post-race endorphins, it’s time to start thinking about the next one.