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Top 10 signs that you grew up in a running family

Every runner has a story of how they started running. Some were inspired by a friend, some were first exposed at school and for some, it’s a family trait. Here are the top 10 signs that you grew up in a running family:

running-stroller-21) You were first exposed to running from the seat of a running stroller.

Sometimes, when you’re out running now, you wish you could go back to having someone just push you along.

2) You have a collection of medals from kids fun runs and race challenges that were conducted in tandem with races parents participated in.

And you absolutely treasured them.

George Aitkin_shoe dolls3) You have never lived in a home without a stack of running shoes at the front door.

Really, is a front foyer complete without a bit of trail mud?

4) There’s a photo of you wearing one of your parents’ race medals.

That’s when you first knew you’d eventually get one of your own.

5) Your mom and dad have been dedicated spectators since you started racing yourself.

They yell splits, tell you your pace and make sure everyone around them knows that you’re their kid.

6) If they can’t make a race, you always call them afterwards and talk through your STWM14-Broadcast_photo_SmartPhonesplits.

Sometimes, they call you before you even get a chance to dial. If they can, they follow you online.

7) You’ve done a race with a sibling.

And it rocked.

1199731848) There are always fresh ice packs in the freezer.

Sometimes, injuries happen.

9) The fridge is always stocked with healthy foods.

But, your family knows that sometimes ice cream is a necessary recovery tool.

10) Your online race results list is ridiculously long.

Even if you’re not ridiculously old.