Tough Mudder training: Last minute mistakes to avoid

Getting all set for your big day at Tough Mudder? The following tips will help runners prevent big last-minute mistakes before the event.

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You can’t last-minute your training.

The work that you have put in at this point is done. One of the most important things to know about running training is that you cannot last minute your training. You can’t cram the way an unprepared student does for an exam or deadline. You have spent months training your body so trust that preparation. If you’re under-prepared, just give it your best. You can’t solve that problem now in the final days.

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New shoes? Don’t wait until the Tough Mudder.

This is a perfect recipe for blisters the size of golf balls. Save the new pair of shoes for another day. Race day is not the time to break in a new pair. As OCR veterans know, the Tough Mudder will be hard enough on its own (as fun as it is!) so don’t add to the burden by struggling through the course in painful new pair of sneakers. Go with the ones that already work.

Best new gear? Wear gear you’re comfortable with getting mud stained.

If it’s your favourite new pair of printed shorts, taking them to the mud pit is a mistake. The Tough Mudder is an experience of a lifetime– but it’s not a clean one. Gear will be stained. No item of clothing on your body will be spared. Your best bet is to pack comfortable gear that you don’t mind getting dirty. If you don’t want it to permanently have a brown hue, swap it for another item of gear.

Thinking of a pump up workout the night before? Skip it!

Do not attempt this. We can’t stress this enough. Jamming in a workout or long run the night before the race or event is a bad idea as you really run the risk of a) tiring yourself out or b) injuring yourself. Many runners have attempted this… and regretted it. This also goes for strength workouts, weights or last-minute testing out some obstacles. Spare yourself the sore muscles on Tough Mudder day.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It’s way too easy to neglect proper hydration. Many runners fall into this trap even though drinking water is such a simple act. But when runners are concerned about proper gear, nutrition, team dynamic, workouts, and getting to the right location on time for the Tough Mudder, something like hydration can slip through the cracks. Running while thirsty makes the event unnecessarily difficult. Drink plenty of water in the days before and tiny sips on Tough Mudder morning.

For once, avoid the leafy greens…

It’s intuitive to think that leafy greens, veggies and healthy foods are exactly what you should eat before something like a Tough Mudder. Of course you don’t want to eat junk food but veggies, salad and high fibre foods will mean that… well… nature will call more frequently. That’s not what you want in the middle of the mud pit.

… and any other new food.

Don’t go to a new restaurant the evening before. Are the team mates getting together for a team dinner? Bring something that you eat frequently. Eat bland, don’t experiment. When runners test out new foods before an event, it can lead to digestion issues. An upset tummy will be the worst obstacle of all.

Pack the race bag, lay out the running gear and double check.

Save yourself the hassle on the morning of Tough Mudder. If you’re travelling out of town, this could mean an early rise. Packing when groggy and tired could lead to mistakes. Get everything together the night before to ensure that things go smoothly in the a.m. Pack extra snacks and don’t forget a change of comfortable clothes for afterwards. And yes, you will be chilly after spending time in the mud pit. Cover your basis.

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