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The one tip that will always get you running

The 30-minute run rule

Trail Running Tips
Trail Running Tips
Photo: Matt Setlack.

This is an excerpt from Emily and Matt Setlack’s workout in CR‘s 2017 Trail Special.


After a long day teaching gym, the last thing I wanted to do was get out the door for a run. The sofa looked inviting. My former coach [at time of writing] Steve Boyd gave me some advice that I often think back to: “If you think you are too tired to run, get dressed, get out the door and decide after 30 minutes of easy running. Still tired after 30 minutes? Go home.”

Five out of 10 times I run I don’t want to start. Ten minutes into the run, I’m always happy I did.

Emily and Matt Setlack are elite runners training and living in Cold Lake, Alta