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Trevor Hofbauer’s pre STWM pump-up playlist

Hofbauer's playlist to pass the time during your solo morning miles

Running with music is a divisive topic. Some runners love it, some runners hate it, but few fall in between. Trevor Hofbauer is one of the few in between runners. He says he doesn’t usually listen to music on training runs, but before a big workout or race he’s got a 10-song rotation that gets him pumped. If you’re a runner who has become music-on-the-run curious, check out Hofbauer’s playlist to pass the time during your solo miles.

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Trevor Hofbauer
Photo: Matt Stetson

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Trevor Hofbauer’s playlist

The Arkells – Knocking at the Door
Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Coldplay (ft. Jay-Z) – Lost+
The Glorious Sons – Everything Is Alright
Imagine Dragons – Amsterdam
JDiggz (ft. NeverEnding White Lights) – This Time
Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound
Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter
The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Snow Patrol – Life On Earth

Music Momentum

If you’ve recently started listening to music on your run as a form of motivation, Music Momentum is an app that might work for you. The app is designed to create a playlist that matches the speed you’d like to run at. You set the speed before you run, your music plays and if you hear it slowing down, it means you were too.

Music Momentum is a one-time payment of $5.31, however, there’s no additional in-app purchase after that. The user loads their own library and creates the playlist they want to listen to. From there, the app times the playlist according to the runner’s desired pace.

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