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TRX suspension workout for runners

Jon-Erik Kawamoto is back with another strength training routine for runners everywhere

With every new issue of Canadian Running comes another strength routine from Jon-Erik Kawamoto, and this month is no different. Kawamoto is a strength and conditioning specialist who owns his own gym — JKConditioning — in St. John’s, N.L., and he is also a runner. By combining his knowledge from both arenas of strength and running, Kawamoto has created many helpful and easy-to-follow workout routines for runners, and this time around he’s broken out the TRX suspension trainer for a set of six exercises that can be performed inside or outside. Click the video below to see the whole routine. 


Kawamoto works out often, so he makes these exercises look easy. He was kind enough to include simplified (although still worthwhile and effective) variations of each exercise, which is a great help, especially for runners who are new to strength training or who have taken some time away from their strength routine.

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Of course, once you become proficient at each of these easier variations, you can graduate to Kawamoto’s main, more difficult exercises. For all of these exercises, Kawamoto notes the importance of double-checking that your suspension trainer is anchored properly and safely into the doorframe, ceiling or wherever you choose to perform this workout. 

We’ve used this Kawamoto quote before, but it’s too true not to repeat: “A stronger runner is a faster and less injury-prone runner.” We know that strength training is likely your least favourite part of your weekly schedule, but it’s perhaps the most necessary part, too. Without strength work, you’re apt to get injured, which could keep you off your feet for an extended period of time, making strength training well worth the time and effort. Test this suspension trainer routine out for yourself, or check out our archives for more at-home strength workouts from Kawamoto. As always, you can also find this routine in the latest issue of Canadian Running, available in stores now. 

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