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Try Sage Watson’s fascial stretching routine

Fascial stretching can reduce your risk for injuries and improve performance

Sage Watson is a two-time Olympian and Canadian record-holder in the 400mH who loves sharing training tips on Instagram. She is in the midst of fall training right now, and her latest tip is a fascial stretching routine that she uses to keep her body healthy throughout the year. She recommends this routine to runners and non-runners alike, so perhaps it’s time we all add it into our routines.


Pre-run glute activation with Sage Watson

What is your fascia?

Fascia is the thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. Aside from providing internal structure, it also contains nerves that make it almost as sensitive as your skin, and when it gets stressed, it tightens up. When this happens, it can limit your mobility and cause painful knots to develop. There are many cases in which someone thinks they’re experiencing muscle pain, when in fact, it’s their fascia that is the real problem.

The good news is, regular movement and stretching can prevent the fascia from tightening up and getting “sticky”. This short, simple routine from Watson is a great place to start. Other ways to keep your fascia healthy are regular foam rolling and massage therapy.

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