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Try this off-distance interval workout to build some speed

400s aren't the only way to get fast

When doing interval workouts, runners tend to stick to even numbers like 200s, 400s, 800s and up. Off-distance intervals are a great way to change up your usual routine to keep things interesting, and they can take some of the pressure off, because your benchmark for what’s a “good time” isn’t as solid. This workout is great for anyone training for a shorter distance (like the mile or a 5K) and will help you build some serious speed to crush your PB at your next race.

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The workout

The intervals in this workout are short, so the goal is to run them fast. With two minutes of recovery between sets, you should be able to hit each interval hard.

Warmup: 10-15 minutes easy jog, followed by form drills and strides.

Workout:  4 x (500m, 300m, 100m); with 1 min. rest between intervals and 2 min. rest between sets.

Cooldown: 10-15 minutes easy jog, followed by light stretching.

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