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Look outside. More likely than not, there’s some nasty weather waiting for you.

Generally, there are two camps of Canadian winter runners. Those who will do anything they can to run outside, even in extreme weather. And those who may opt to stay indoors, away from the elements, and take to the treadmill, which can be trickier in passing the time without a bit of help. Enter TV shows.

Here’s a selection of shows (and their Netflix Canada availability) to watch that will likely be time well-wasted on the treadmill, as chosen by Canadian Running‘s office staff. Or, if you’re cross-training, on the trainer for example, these shows can also be of use.

Game of Thrones

The HBO fantasy series is one of the most-talked about television shows today. The series centres on the pursuit of the Iron Throne and control of the seven kingdoms. An eighth season is expected to conclude the series.

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A classic series that ended in 2004, Friends is comprised of many light-hearted seasons so you can keep going for a while.

Netflix? Yes

The Bachelor

The reality television dating game show is an office triathlete favourite on the trainer which also translates over to the treadmill.

Netflix? No


FBI agents interview serial killers to try to understand how they think to help solve ongoing and future files.

Netflix? Yes

Master of None

Starring comedian Aziz Ansari (of Parks and Recreation fame), a man tries to elevate his acting career and up his dating game.

Netflix? Yes

Planet Earth 2

Narrated by David Attenborough with music composed by Hans Zimmer, the sequel to the British series Planet Earth, which focuses on nature, is considered one of the best TV series in recent history.

Netflix? Yes

Better Call Saul

Be true to your school. #BetterCallSaul

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Chances are if you enjoy Breaking Bad (see below), you’ll like Better Call Saul, a prequel and spin-off in which Saul Goodman tries to make it as a small-time lawyer.

Netflix? Yes

The Crown

The Crown, where even the slate board is elegant 👑

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Each episode is about an hour in length, perfect for beating the boredom of a treadmill run. Game: do a fartlek/interval whenever Princess Margaret appears on screen. The show is a biographical story about Queen Elizabeth II.

Netflix? Yes


The show follows Bea Smith and her adjustment to prison life while awaiting trial for the alleged murder of her husband.

Netflix? Yes


The critically-acclaimed show is three seasons, more than manageable if you need to get caught up over a period of time, and follows different stories in varying eras during each season. The show was inspired by the movie of the same name from 1996.

Netflix? Yes

The Confession Tapes

A new series for 2017, The Confession Tapes, as Netflix describes it, “investigates cases where people convicted of murder claim their confessions were coerced, involuntary or false.”

Netflix? Yes

Breaking Bad

Five seasons tell the story of Walter White, a high school teacher diagnosed with inoperable cancer who transitions to a life of crime as a methamphetamine manufacturer and dealer.

Netflix? Yes

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