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Two workouts in one: the tempo + hills

Can't decide between hills or a tempo run? This two-in-one workout gives you both

In running, there are four main types of workouts: tempo runs, hills, fartleks and intervals. Most training plans focus on doing each workout separately, but who says you can’t combine them for a dual-purpose training session? The tempo + hills workout is a great way to build some strength and endurance at the beginning of your training program, and combining the two is a convenient way to fit both types of workouts into a busy schedule.

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The workout

There are three segments to this workout: the long tempo, the hills and the short tempo. The goal is to start out at approximately half-marathon pace and gradually speed up to 10K pace. Then, use the hills as mid-workout strides and try and keep the final short tempo as fast (or faster) than the tempo you did at the beginning of the workout. If you’re training for a longer event and want more volume, simply make the first tempo longer (leave the second one as-is), and/or add a few more hill repeats.

Warmup: 10-15 minute easy jog, followed by form drills and strides

Workout: 15-20 minute tempo; 4-6 x 100-200m hill; 5 minute tempo

Cooldown: 10-15 minute easy jog, followed by light stretching

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