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Vancouver’s SkyTrain system mapped out in a runner-friendly way

Into run commuting? We mapped out how long it would take to get between Vancouver's SkyTrain stations if one was to run at five minutes per kilometre pace.

Running in Vancouver
Running in Vancouver
An edited version of Translink’s map of the SkyTrain stations in Vancouver with time, in minutes, it would take to run between each.

The SkyTrain is the rapid transit system that serves the Greater Vancouver area including 47 stations which connect the downtown core with surrounding areas.

Since they’re some of the more notable landmarks, minus the parks, buildings and mountains, in B.C.’s largest city we mapped out the time it would take to travel between each station if one was to run at five minutes per kilometre pace.

Whereas the subway system in Toronto is a bit more dense in terms of distance between stations, Vancouver’s SkyTrain often involves 10-minutes-plus of running from one station to the next. In the downtown core and along Cambie, the train runs underground while other portions of the train are above ground similar to a monorail.

Using Google Maps and basing time on the shortest route, time between stations varies between two minutes (Granville and Burrard Station, for example) up to approximately 15 minutes (Columbia and Scott Road Station). Note that the times do not take into account traffic or stop lights but is rather an estimation based on distance.

Some connecting roads between stations may not be running-friendly either.

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In a battle between run commuting and taking transit, one of the few times that running may be faster is in the downtown core where stations are situated close to each other. When you begin running between stations that are 2-3K apart, running will rarely win unless there are delays.

The different coloured lines indicate the three main SkyTrain routes in Vancouver including the Millennium, Expo, and Canada lines. The Canada Line is one of the easiest routes to follow if one was to run as it’s a north-south track though with the abundance of trails and parks in Vancouver, it may not be the best option.

Running from Broadway-City Hall to Waterfront, two busy stations, is approximately 3K which would take about 15 minutes to run depending on your pace and traffic. The same trip would take six minutes, not taking into account time to purchase fares, delays or entering and exiting the station, if one was to take the train.

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The above Vancouver map is the second edition of our subway/rapid transit maps with Toronto being the first. The Toronto map can be found below (we used the same pace of running, five minutes per kilometre, for both):

Toronto subway map
Map of the Toronto subway line. Figures between station are minutes based on 5:00 per kilometre pace. Right click and open in a new tab to enlarge.

With Toronto and Vancouver public transit train systems mapped out, Montreal is next. Click here for the Montreal Metro system map. Stay tuned and follow Canadian Running on Facebook and Twitter for updates.