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WATCH: Eliud Kipchoge running SLOW on his easy day

Not sure how slow to do your easy runs? Follow the GOAT and do the Kenyan shuffle

We talk a lot about the benefits of slowing down your easy runs, but what does slow really mean? How slow is slow? To answer your question, check out this short video of the GOAT himself, marathon world record-holderĀ Eliud Kipchoge, and the NN Running Team. If this doesn’t convince you to cool the jets on your easy days, nothing will.

This video shows Kipchoge and his team setting off at a pace of around eight to nine minutes per mile (5-6 min/km). Considering his marathon race pace is less than 3:00/km, this is practically a walk for the sub-2 hour marathon runner.

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Admittedly, the group doesn’t run at this pace for their entire 10 km easy run. They gradually increase the pace until by the end, they’re moving at a speed that’s less than six minutes per mile (about 3:40/km). Of course, that sounds incredibly fast to most of us, but considering that is the equivalent of a 3-hour marathon runner finishing their easy run at 8:15-8:30/mile pace (5:15-5:30/km), the speed is still slower relative to their race pace than what many recreational runners are currently doing on their easy days.

So if you’re still not convinced you need to slow down your easy days, take some inspiration from the fastest marathoner in the world and do the Kenyan shuffle.

The case for slowing down your easy runs

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