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WATCH: Plyometric stair workout for running power

Jon-Erik Kawamoto of St. John's, NL demonstrates good form for a challenging and effective outdoor workout

JK Conditioning stair workout

Running stairs make a great alternative to a hill workout. They require a bit more of your attention (to avoid tripping), which makes them less tedious than traditional hill repeats. In this video, Jon-Erik Kawamoto of St. John’s, NL, takes runners through a demanding and effective stair workout for building power and strength – which are bound to improve your performance. 

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‘Plyometric’ refers to the explosive, jumping motion in the exercises. Rather than simply sprinting up the stairs, the workout includes variations such as A skips, double-legged hops and touching every first, second or even every third stair, all of which will significantly challenge your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes – resulting in greater strength and power generation.

Find a set of 20 to 30 stairs, and this can become a regular weekly workout spot.

Kawamoto warns that this workout should only be done in dry conditions, and that runners who have never done this type of workout (or who are new to running) should start conservatively, with one or two sets. 

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