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Week two of Sage Watson’s killer plank routine

Take your core routine to the next level with Sage Watson's help

Like most runners, Sage Watson is getting her workouts done primarily inside and solo. The runner has moved home to Medicine Hat, Alta., to socially distance with her family during the global pandemic. If you’re looking for some workout inspiration, Watson’s got you covered with four weeks of plank challenges. These challenges will culminate in a contest for a new pair of Nike shoes. An added bonus, the 400m hurdler walks you through the technique of every exercise, so you can perfect your plank. Here’s a look at Week Two of Watson’s killer core routine.

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Adding some strength training to your weekly routine can seem daunting if you’re new to it. There’s a little more time involved, and also, runners typically prefer actually running to gym work. But core and strength training can offer a huge benefit longterm, especially when it comes to injury prevention.

Sage’s Week Two exercise

Alternating leg lift plank – Watson recommends that runners lift their legs six inches off of the ground, alternating from side to side. It’s also important that they keep their backs level and arms square underneath their shoulders. Hold this position for one minute and focus on activating the glutes when you lift.


Plank with arm extensions – Runners can make their planks a little more difficult by extending their arms forward, one at a time, while they hold the position. Again, try to keep your back level and limit hip movement.

Plank with dumbbell row – This position takes arm extensions to the next level by adding weights and elevating the plank. Hold the plank position but on your hands, instead of your elbows. Lift the dumbbell straight up, until your arm is at 45 degrees–you should feel this exercise in your triceps and back, along with your core.

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