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Weird workout classes that are surprisingly real

These workout trends of 2017 certainly raised a few brows.

Just like fashion, food and interior design, workout trends come and go. We’re used to keeping an eye on the coolest new post gym beverage, the most chic yoga studios and trends in running gear, destination races or crew culture. In the realm of general fitness trends, we’ve noticed some rather obscure workout classes gain popularity this year. Here’s a round-up of a few fitness fads that raised our eyebrows. 

Napping classes

This may sound like the opposite of an activity that you’d go to a fitness studio to partake in. For most of us, it is. Napping classes go steps beyond restorative yoga or the last tens minutes of your typical Om session. When we found out that a gym in the U.K. is offering “napercise” sessions that are a literal snooze, we were more than confused. Hey, if this catches on, maybe we’ll have a new way to spend out rest days… 

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Goat yoga

The idea here is to do yoga while goats climb on you. That’s it. Yes, it’s extremely weird, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t be keen to try it. 


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Beer yoga

Swap the goats for some beer and you have the second weirdest yoga class of 2017. Beer yoga is a new trend that encourages yogis to sip on a frothy pint between downward dogs. Why? Don’t ask us. Is it a good idea? Probably not. If you’re stuck for time, this may be a good way to get in both your workout while not skipping happy hour. You do you. 

Stretching classes

If you don’t know how to stretch your own muscles, there’s still time to learn. Earlier this year, a bunch of studios in New York caught our eye when we found out that they offer classes on how to stretch. Many also have instructors at the ready to help people get into proper stretching poses. It sounds a bit ludicrous at first but then again, in a way, it seems like a hybrid of yoga and physiotherapy. Is that the case? Let us know if you ever try it.